A Mere 100 - Photographic Portraits By Madeleine Cardozo


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A Mere 100

A Mere 100, rather flippant title, but not at all flippant as each person signifies the building of a town. The bell ringer, the care giver, the farmer, the street sweeper, the shopkeeper, the author, the child, the wine connoisseur, the artist, the inventor, the school teacher, the nurse, the butcher, the politician, the old man, the actress, the sewing lady,
the web designer... 

A town is not just bricks and mortar, but full of life, festivities, clubs, jobs, and Sundays.

This is a book of 100 photographic portraits of people that portray the small town of Mere, a town
nestled at the foot of the Wiltshire Downs, halfway between London and Cornwall in the south west of England. Each portrait is accompanied with a short synopsis telling us a little about the person, to capture a few historical facts about the people of 2023 in Mere.