Madeleine Cardozo - Bio

At the age of fourteen my father gave me my first camera, from then on photography became my passion. At school I developed film and prints in the darkroom and I was addicted! Eventually I converted to digital and have used that ever since.

Photography has been something that I could do whilst having a family, many times my family have been my models, my husband asking me to do the almost impossible product shots and me having to learn through trial and error.

I love all aspects of photography, there is nothing more satisfying than creating a beautiful image whether it is of a portrait of a child or the sun rising over London city.

Being a photographer gives me the excuse to travel and to really appreciate what I see, I can spend hours in the same spot just watching, photographing wildlife and learning about them. For the best shots you often have to go out before the sun rises in all sorts of weather. It has taught me the beauty of our world. I cant wait to do more.

I am extremely conscious of our planet and the living things on our planet, we humans have a lot to account for. Therefor I am  also a conservationist where I can be. I believe that photojournalism has a huge part to play in getting the people of this world on board and learning about the problems facing the future of the world and making plans to do something about  it. Go Richard Attenborough!

Better picture coming soon!